teamphotosThe Blu Dove Designs team is a caring, talented, fun group of individuals who have come together to help businesses succeed!  Bottom line -- we love our clients and we love what we do... we're professional when we need to be and are able to let our hair down and have fun too!

Some work for us in-house (in Gainesville), some work out-of-state and others belong to one of our partner companies that we have teamed up with to be able to give our clients what they need.  By working this way we are able to keep our overhead lower and pass these savings onto you. 

We can all be reached via phone toll free at 800-875-0380 or directly via our individual e-mails. Feel free to contact us anytime.

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Lisa Renshaw

Founder / Creative Director -- AKA Plate Juggler / Joomla Guru
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Lisa is a graduate of the Graphic Design Technology program at Santa Fe College. She also holds a B.A. from UF with a focus on Architecture, Political Science and Environmental Conservation. She remembers “drawing” on the early apple computers when she was a kid and has always loved art. Graphic and web design combines the best of all of her worlds – drawing, technology and the love of helping others! She loves the team she has and the privilege of working along side each of them as well as the wonderful friendships that we have formed with many of our clients.

Her favorite things about working at Blu Dove:
•    Helping others realize their dreams
•    Working with a team of individuals both in and out of our office
•    The diversity of people that I get to meet & talk with on a daily basis

Primary responsibility: Continue the relationship with the clients, oversee progress and rally the team.  She heads up the direction on most of the projects working closely with the design team.  Handles a lot of the programming of the Joomla sites, eCommerce sites and some design too!

Favorite color: Blue! Of Course!

Her passions: God, her husband, horses, and dogs; Helping others succeed, SEO

Thing she is most grateful for: Her talents, her friends, her family and her animals!

Favorite Cartoon Character: Snoopy, Hoops and Yoyo



Natalie Fisher

Director of Sales & Marketing / Social Networking & SEO Expert
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Natalie is a graduate from the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida. She holds a B.S. degree in advertising and an outside concentration in art. She finds it rewarding to wake up everyday and have the opportunity “play” at work. The best and the most challenging thing about advertising and design is making sure the idea is one step ahead of everyone else and unexpected!

Her favorite things about working at Blu Dove:
•    Everyday is a new journey.
•    Taking someone’s dream and making it reality.
•    Working with a variety of clients in different industries. I get to learn a little of everything!

Primary responsibility: Start the relationship with the clients, establish the project and supporting the Blu Dove Designs team in sales, marketing and project management.  She assists clients with their needs on a day-to-day basis, as well as maintaining social networking accounts and SEO analysis and maintenance on client accounts.

Favorite color: Green

Her passions: Art, painting, the development of brand loyalty and the beach

Things she is most grateful for: The love and support from her husband, friends and family!

Favorite Cartoon Character: Gumby


Mibsam Cardenas

Graphic Designer, Photographer & Web Developer
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Mibsam was born in Houston, TX., grew up in Chile, and now lives in Florida, and this background has given him an wide view of the world filled with infinite opportunities.  He was born with an artistic driven heart.  When he was seven years old, he began taking art classes at the Experimental Artistic School of Santiago, Chile where he spent six years learning fine arts and classical music. He earned his Associate Degree in Architecture, and after three years immersed in Architecture, he decided to switch gears choosing and graduating from Graphic Designs Technology Program at Santa Fe College.  Finally, he is a spiritual person, who first loves God Almighty and everyone he encounters.

His favorite things about working at Blu Dove:
• Giving the best of himself to help make people shine and their dreams take flight.
• Being part of a team and having clients I can love, relate to, and respect as family members.
• I have the biggest workspace! Thanks to the kindness of Lisa and Natalie.

Primary responsibility: Developing websites, capturing vivid photographs, and working alongside Lisa and John to create designs. He speaks, reads, and writes Spanish and English fluently.

Favorite color: Purple/ Blue

His passions: God, Family, and Church. Loves traveling and playing piano which suits him for relaxation.

Thing he is most grateful for: Faith, believing on something great

Favorite Cartoon Character: Bugs Bunny



Chief Morale Officer

Dakota has been with the team from the beginning. He was born & adopted the same year Blu Dove Designs became a full-time business, in 2004.  The first year of the company he spent every day with her in her office while she worked from home.  He encouraged her, made her get up and take breaks and has also been a source of inspiration.   Dakota usually does not mind posing for the camera. He has appeared in a few of Lisa's designs, including Franck's Pharmacy Vet Catalog and Daytime Dogs web site!  He holds his appointments on Fridays.

Primary Responsibility: Support the Blu Dove Design team and keep them smiling

His favorite things about working at Blu Dove:
•    Greeting everyone that comes in the door.
•    Spending time with "mom" (Lisa) on Fridays.
•    The freedom to sleep, play or do whatever he wants

His Passions: Sleeping whenever possible, dog day adventures with his friend Chuck from Daytime Dogs, chewing on a Busy Bone

Thing he is most grateful for: Having such a wonderful family who loves him and a big huge farm to run around on!

Favorite Cartoon Character: Underdog



Official Door Greeter
Her name is pronounced like the first part of the word, "sugar" and though she looks tough, she's really just a big marshmallow! Shug joined the team in 2008!.  Lisa and her husband Andy decided to adopt her from a neighbor and give her a good home, shortly after she showed up on their door-step and just didn't want to leave.   Shug started coming to the office as part of dog day Fridays until she decided to take a walk on her own one day.  Since then, she stays home with Andy on Fridays.  She LOVES people and making friends with new dogs!

Primary Responsibility: Keep the Blu Dove team smiling and in shape!

Her favorite things to do:
•    Greet everyone that comes in the door (that came to see HER)
•    The freedom to sleep and run whenever she wants
•    Run and run and run!

Her Passions: Running top speed around the farm, spending time with people

Thing she is most grateful for: Being adopted / rescued and having a family of her own.

Favorite Cartoon Character: Scooby Doo