Over 17 billion people search the web for services and products on a monthly basis. If your business is not on the web, you are probably losing money.   More than ever, your business needs a professional web presence that can be found in the search engines... and Blu Dove Designs is here to educate and empower YOU!

Whether you know a lot or a little about the web, Blu Dove Designs will help you through the entire process from start to finish and never leave you in the dark.  We will explain as much or as little about the process as you want to know.  We'll even train you on your site after it's complete so that you can get the most out of it!

We have several options to suit almost every budget, all discussed below. We can help you decide the best fit for you during our initial consultation. Or maybe you already know what you're looking for and we can simply help you get started.

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Custom Website Design

Our custom designed web sites are built from the ground up from scratch using your ideas + our creativity and expertise + design software. We adhere to certain standards for ALL of our web sites enabling us to guarantee that the end product will be something you will be satisfied with. Your business is unique and we treat our web designs as such so that you are getting a truly unique product.

We use the latest technologies to assemble your web site including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, DreamWeaver, Acrobat Professional, Joomla, WordPress and may sometimes develop our ideas loosely around a template if it must work within a specified program such a shopping cart software.   There are times we may also implement 3rd party software (calendar, map or database software) if your needs and budget necessitate going this route. We believe in giving the best to our clients and consider it a privilege to develop your web site.

COST:  Starting at $950 / Call for quote, costs vary due to the varying nature of our clients


Website To-Go

Our Web Sites To-Go product enables you to sign up, order, select your domain, pay for and set up your own web site in less than 30 minutes for a one-time set-up fee plus $50 per month hosting.

The steps are simple:

1) Click the button to be connected to our other web site: mybludovesite.com

2) Fill out the requested information and choose your domain

3) Select a professional template from 100s of industry standard choices

4) Purchase site *First 14 days are free to try it out! with no obligation

5) Fill in your pages with your content & images

At any time, during the process, you can contact our customer service department for assistance.  And there is an option after you've set things up to upgrade to a custom design package. Those design services will be provided through our product support center at MAWebCenters.

COST:  $599 set-up fee (includes customer support) / $50 per month hosting


Custom Blogs

Social networking is one of the most powerful networking and business building tools. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Plaxo are among some of the favorites along with personal / business blogging. With so many people online, it’s the best way to stay connected, especially across the 1000s of miles! Yes, even we have our profile set up on these networks.

Blogs (short for Web-Log) allow organizations, businesses and individuals to set up a personal or corporate dialogue online, to share company news & events, photos, videos, survey your target audience and more. It is a great way to encourage and receive feedback and collaboration.

Blu Dove Designs uses the WordPress Platform for our blogs. It is one of the most user-friendly and popular tools on the market, not to mention it's free. We can either custom design the entire look and feel or simply modify an existing theme / template with your very own banner image. It can be used as a content management system or for blogging, news and posting photos.

We will install it on our servers with the custom or modified theme, desired additional features (they call them plugins) and get it ready to go for you. Once we give you the admin login and a little bit of training, you can be off and running.

We can set up a blog in as little as 24 hours, or as long as 2 weeks - depending on the complexity of design, amount of additional plugins to install and set up and the end goals. Examples of sites & blogs we have created include: CCC Gainesville, Trek Travelog, Gator Modelers, Point of Change Counseling and Lisa's Personal Blog, Astar In The Sky.

Interesting Facts about blogs

Social Networking Stats

COST:  Call for quote, costs vary

E-Commerce / Online Shopping Carts

U.S. retail e-commerce sales for the fourth quarter of 2008, adjusted for seasonal variation, was $31.9 billion. That's an astonishing number despite the state of our economy. The truth is that if you're not online, you're probably losing sales.

Electronic commerce; consists of the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. The amount of trade conducted electronically has grown extraordinarily since the spread of the Internet. An individual can go online to purchase anything from books or groceries, to expensive items like real estate, cars and television sets.    Contemporary e-commerce includes:

  • ordering "digital" content for immediate online use
  • ordering conventional services
  • ordering products to be shipped right to the customer's door

Building an eCommerce web site will greatly enhance any retail establishment because you will be expanding your market beyond your local area.  When thinking about building an online shop, please be prepared to get involved with your project to get all of your products input and get important things like shipping and payment gateways configured.  In general, most eCommerce sites can take anywhere from 3 to 12 months to deploy depending on the amount of products in your inventory and the complexities of your requirements.  Our eCommerce solutions come WITH after hours and Saturday technical support via a toll free number to further help you. 

The best thing to do if you're considering an online shop is to contact us for an initial consultation.  We can discuss with you the various options and pricing plans.

Read the latest ecommerce stats, published by the US Census Bureau

COST:  Call for quote, costs vary


Photo Galleries

We have several programs & formats that we use for our photo galleries that are all user friendly and easy to update with additional images. Each gallery has its strengths and weaknesses and integrate differently within different web sites. Some must have software installed on the client computer and others are web-based.

The gallery chosen depends on the client, the end user and the purpose of the gallery. Galleries can be customized to match the look and feel of the rest of the web site

COST:  Call for quote, costs vary

Embedded Video / Streaming Video

YouTube is continually rising in popularity - 2.983 billion viewers and growing (according to ComScore.com), along with the desire for viewer interactivity. YouTube is a popular video hosting solution because it becomes a nice little “commercial” that other people can embed in their blogs, Facebook accounts and other social networking sites, therefore increasing your exposure to a wider audience.

Running video on a web site can increase your bandwidth significantly. For a professional look, we recommend loading your video on a site that supports the increased bandwidth and then embedding the video, such as www.bitsontherun.com or Vimeo.com

In order to determine the best solution for you, we will discuss your options with you at our initial consultation and it will be based on several factors including number of videos, size, estimated number of visitors and whether or not you are planning to add more videos later. 

COST:  Call for quote, costs vary


We provide everything you need to get yourself established on the web, including - Domain Registration, Hosting, Graphic Design, Building and Assembling your site, Search Engine Optimization, Maintenance, Training, and even a Content Management System.