CAC_new_logo_07We believe that an important aspect of our success is giving back to the area we call home...North Central Florida.
Our big project for the 2011- part of 2012 year was the Child Advocacy Center of Gainesville.  We are honored and privileged to have helped them achieve their goal of having a new and improved website -- Click here to view their website!

Some others we have helped along the way are:
Christ Child Society of Cape May County
the Wings of Dreams Aviation Museum
Christians Concerned for the Community
Interfaith Hospitality Network

Each year we will be accepting applications / requests for donations.  We will choose 1 - 3 organizations to support by offering the donation of a website, design of other collateral materials or printed materials.  The donation will be based on: need, subject matter of the organization and available funding for the upcoming year. For the 2012 year we have choosen Two Tails Ranch: All About Elephants.

If you would like to be considered for a design grant, please send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. regarding your interest no later than October 31, 2012 for the upcoming year.  We will send applications to those who are interested along with additional details at that time.



Other ways we stay involved:

Along with choosing projects for each fiscal year, we also get involved with community activities and organizations where we can.  We are a member of the Gainesville Ad Fed and have particated in the Breast Cancer Walk each year as well as the ADDYs and the Media Auction.  The Media Auction benefits students in the Advertising field studying at the University of Florida and Santa Fe College by providing scholarships. 

We also support and help with various events for the BANCF (Builders Association of North Central Florida) including the the horseshoe and the golf tournaments as well as the home show.

More recently, Lisa has joined the board of directors of The Institute, a grass-roots organization whose mission is to educate the voting population and our policy makers so that we can all make more informed decisions when going to the polls.  She will keep you informed of her activities there!