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Welcome to Blu Dove Designs located in Gainesville and Orlando, Florida and serving the surrounding areas.  Starting or building your business is an exciting time in your life. Knowing you have a team you can count on providing the highest level of care for your business makes it easier.  We work along side you to help realize your goals of owning your own business or expanding your existing business through education and empowerment! You'll get to learn about social media and the power behind online marketing for your business.

At Blu Dove Designs, our relationships and the quality of service we provide are what we hold most important.  As a small team of creative and advertising professionals we are able to provide one-on-one time with YOU, to fully understand your business.  You will receive individualized products and services to meet your unique business needs and have the opportunity to work with both Natalie and Lisa at some point during your project. Come talk with us about designing the website of your dreams and building your online marketing presence.


Social Networking - Today's Word of Mouth Advertising

What is it?

Social networking has been around for as long as we’ve been alive and is basically word of mouth advertising. The term “social networking” means individual people or groups communicating with one another about people, places or things relevant to their world. Common examples most of us are familiar with are Chambers of Commerce, clubs, neighborhoods, associations or work groups we belong to in order to connect with others and network to obtain business contacts therefore increasing exposure to who we are and what we do. We usually choose like-minded individuals to get the most out of our opportunities.

Online social networking is taking that concept one step further and expanding our reach to a global marketplace. By joining in a larger conversation, you increase your opportunity for your business to be found and therefore grow at a quicker pace than if you were to limit your contacts to those in your geographical area. Why limit yourself to only conversations within your geographical area? How you are going to drive people to your website and ultimately to contact you? How are people going to find out about your business?

How can I use it in my business?

Many people are now using online sites like Facbook and Twitter to voice their concerns and complaints about a product or service. Companies are using the consumer feedback they are receiving to help them develop better products and services and provide consumers with what they really want. The idea is to succeed. Word of mouth advertising is and always has been one of the best ways to do it. Now we’re not only doing it in person, we’re doing it online!

How does Blu Dove Designs help me with my social networking?

We help you find your voice and sense of purpose. We make sure through your online profile you properly convey your company image. Careful thought is put into your online social networking and mostly important what is being said and discussed with your audience. You have to give your audience something to believe in and something that motivates them.

We sit down with you one-on-one and train you how to use social networking sites correctly and effectively. There are things you should do and not do. Social networking sites are growing and living things like plants. If you don’t water and care for them they will die. If you don’t update your online profile, others will lose interest in what you are saying.

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