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Official Door Greeter

Her name is pronounced like the first part of the word, "sugar" and though she looks tough, she's really just a big marshmallow! Shug joined the team in 2008!.  Lisa and her husband Andy decided to adopt her from a neighbor and give her a good home, shortly after she showed up on their door-step and just didn't want to leave.   Shug started coming to the office as part of dog day Fridays until she decided to take a walk on her own one day.  Since then, she stays home with Andy and Caitlyn on Fridays.  She LOVES people and making friends with new dogs!

Primary Responsibility: Keep the Blu Dove team smiling and in shape!

Her favorite things to do:
•    Guard the home office
•    The freedom to sleep and run whenever she wants
•    Run and run and run!

Her Passions: Spending time with people

Thing she is most grateful for: Being adopted / rescued and having a family of her own.

Favorite Cartoon Character: Scooby Doo

“When I met Lisa and Natalie at Blu Dove Designs, I realized I found the personal touch and
attention that I would need to accomplish my website goals. ” ~ Jonesville Animal Hospital