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Chief Morale Officer, Gainesville, FL

Dakota has been with the team from the beginning. He was born & adopted the same year Blu Dove Designs became a full-time business, in 2004.  The first year of the company he spent every day with Lisa in her office while she worked from home.  He encouraged her, made her get up and take breaks and has also been a source of inspiration.   Dakota usually does not mind posing for the camera. He has appeared in a few of Lisa's designs, including Franck's Pharmacy Vet Catalog and Daytime Dogs web site!  He holds his appointments on Fridays.

Primary Responsibility: Support the Blu Dove Design team and keep them smiling

His favorite things about working at Blu Dove:
•    Greeting everyone that comes in the door.
•    Spending time with "mom" (Lisa) on Fridays.
•    The freedom to sleep, play or do whatever he wants

His Passions: Sleeping whenever possible, dog day adventures with his friend Chuck from Daytime Dogs, chewing on a Busy Bone, cookies

Thing he is most grateful for: Having such a wonderful family who loves him and a big huge farm to run around on!

Favorite Cartoon Character: Underdog

“When I met Lisa and Natalie at Blu Dove Designs, I realized I found the personal touch and
attention that I would need to accomplish my website goals. ” ~ Jonesville Animal Hospital