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Lisa Renshaw

Founder / Creative Director & Mom
Chief Bottle Washer / Joomla Guru
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lisa renshawLisa is a graduate of the Graphic Design Technology program at Santa Fe College. She also holds a B.A. from UF with a focus on Architecture, Political Science and Environmental Conservation.  Her computer “drawing” began on the early apple computers when she was a child and has always loved art. Graphic and website design combine the best of all of her worlds – drawing, technology and the love of helping others!  She loves the team she has and the privilege of working along side each of them as well as the wonderful friendships that we have formed with many of our clients.  Since having her daughter, Caitlyn in 2013, she now proudly holds the job title of Mom.

Her favorite things about working at Blu Dove Designs:
•    Helping others realize their dreams
•    Working with a team of individuals both in and out of our office
•    The diversity of people that I get to meet & talk with on a daily basis

Primary responsibility: Start and continue relationships with the clients, oversee progress and encourage the team.  She works closely with the design team in all phases of a project.  She handles a lot of the technical geek items in getting a website to display and function properly, configuration of eCommerce sites, some design and the accounting.

Favorite color: Blue! Of Course!

Her passions: God, her husband, her children, horses, and dogs; Helping others succeed, design

Thing she is most grateful for: Her talents, her friends, her family and her animals!

Favorite Cartoon Character: Snoopy

“When I met Lisa and Natalie at Blu Dove Designs, I realized I found the personal touch and
attention that I would need to accomplish my website goals. ” ~ Jonesville Animal Hospital