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Many people are throwing the term, SEO, around without fully understanding what it means. While some guess at how to do it, and others claim to be "SEO Experts". We understand it. We use it. We have been optimizing sites for over 7 years and take the marketing of your website seriously...long before it was a huge buzz word.  We'd like to call ourselves Educated versus "Expert" and one thing you will know for sure with Blu Dove Designs -- we always stay up to date on the latest trends.

With our SEO Packages, we even monitor your site for 6 months FREE of charge after your site is launched just to make sure we've done our job to the best of our abilities! Below is information on SEO in general and our methods for getting YOUR SITE ranked / marketed on the web.


What is SEO? | How are people getting their information?  |  How do we get you ranked?  | How fast will I see results? | Organic Search versus Pay-Per-Click | Caution


What is SEO?

Definition: Search Engine Optimization – also known as Search Engine Marketing. In a nutshell, this is how to market your site and get it ranked on the first page of the top 3 search engines so people searching for your products and services can find you. There are 2 basic techniques - organic and pay-per-click.


Where are people getting their information in 2011?

According to the latest report from, the leading online audience measurement service - Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Sites (such as Bing and MSN), AOL, and Ask remain the top 5 search engines with over 16 billion searches performed in June 2011 and Google leading the way with over 65.5% of those searches performed on their site.

The following is the breakdown for the top 5 search engines & social networking site for June 2011 just to give you a basic idea of how they compare.

Google Sites: 12.1 billion
Yahoo! Sites: 3.2 billion
Microsoft Sites: 2.6 billion
Ask Network: 478 million
AOL, Inc.: 239 million

The reason you have to be on the first page is that very few people, if any are going to look beyond that first page and if your site is not there among the top 10 relevant results, then you’re simply not going to get the traffic to your site that you need! Take a moment and think about your own search habits…


What Does Blu Dove Designs Do?

Bottom Line - we want YOU to succeed!

Not only do we want your site to look great... we want to drive traffic to your site when people are searching for your product or service! In other words, when someone types in a keyword or keyword phrase, we want YOUR site to come up on the first page of the top 5 Search Engines.

Our goal is for these results to happen WITHOUT our clients having to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on pay-per-click advertising through your local phonebook or through the search engines. In some markets it may be necessary to purchase this type of advertising and we will assist you with that decision.

At Blu Dove Designs, we apply what is called “Organic” Search Engine Marketing techniques and offer various packages as an add-on or as an individual service along side of our other products. Every website comes with installation of Google Analytics Code so that whether you get an SEO package right away or not, you can still monitor your visitor stats.  All of our SEO packages come with 6 months of monitoring.  If your site is not appearing at or near the top of the major search engines AND you are not seeing the results to succeed, then we will tweak our work for you at no additional charge (up to 6 months from initial launch). Our goal is to make your site a success... when your site is appearing on the first page, then we are successful.

We utilize the development of comprehensive keyword and keyword phrase lists, meta-tags, title tags and well-written content. In addition, we will assist with social networking and explore other creative ways to market your website outside of the world wide web. During your project, we will discuss our strategy for your site in more detail and what you can do to help. It is our persistent goal to have your website presence established on the web increasing exposure to as many visitors as possible through as many means as possible. The more arrows pointing towards the same direction will mean increased odds of success.

If you already have a website and need assistance with your SEO, please call us for a quote. If it has been greater than a year from initial launch and you would like to update your SEO, please contact us!


How fast will I see results?

It can take up to 6 - 8 weeks for your site to appear on the major search engines using “Organic” Search Engine Marketing. This is due to their update cycle which we have no control over. This is why our sites come with 6 months of free monitoring.

We can assist you with other methods such as Google AdWords, if you need immediate success or have an extremely large competitive market. It has been our experience, that in a very localized market, those methods are generally not necessary.... see our reasons below. 



Organic SEO Vs. pay-per-click (PPC)?

There are basically 2 options when it comes to SEO - Organic and Pay-Per-Click. Many of our clients have heard of the pay-per-click advertising; most have not heard or understand that in many cases it is not really necessary to achieve the same, if not better results than a non-paid campaign.  In an ideal world you would use both strategies to maximize your site’s potential. However, due to budgetary constraints this is often impossible and doing both on a limited budget or with limited resource can result in neither campaign producing ideal results.  Since the majority of Internet users click on organic listings and anyone can pay for PPC listings, we almost always focus our efforts on organic SEO over PPC and here are 5 reasons why.

5 reasons Organic SEO grows your business smarter than pay-per-click (PPC)


Trust86% more users trust the organic results over the PPC. Top listed organic sites are probably more likely to have been around a lot longer (depending on the field), since new pay sites can spring to the top by just paying more. The longer they have been around the more people trust them.


Click Through Rate:  Search users are up to 6 times more likely to click on an organic result than a PPC.  One study showed that only 30% clicked on paid listings - leaving 70% that clicked on the organic results.


Visitor Value:  Organic search visitors are 17% more likely to become a customer than those who clicked on a paid advertisement, simply because of basic human nature -- we love to buy but hate to be sold.


Cost Effective:  Spending money on organic SEO is much more cost effective than a pay-per-click campaign. After awhile money may run out to continue the PPC campaign. Cost of PPC is increasing because of supply and demand.


Endures Over Time:  While PPC campaigns MAY produce faster results, once the money runs out to continue a PPC campaign, the ads disappear, which means you won't be seen.  Whereas with Organic SEO, the results are long lasting and the growth is more effective.



Word of Caution

Unfortunately there are companies out there that claim to be "SEO Experts" and will tell you that you need to spends 100s or even 1000s of dollars per month to be on the top of the search engines.  We have also found that there are companies charging for things that we know to be free to the consumer.... all you need to know is how to access and use those tools. The truth is that it usually takes 6 - 8 weeks to see results so we actually have to let some time pass before we can evaluate our work on your site so a better option would be a quarterly monitoring SEO plan.  If you have any questions, concerns or simply need some consulting in this area, we would be happy to meet with you to discuss a well-thought, cost-effective strategy for your business.  We understand that for a small business every penny counts and we want to help you maximize what you have.



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