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social media seo search engine optimizationSEO & Social Media marketing is no longer mutually exclusive. In order to best optimize your site, businesses must utilize a mix of both and one feeds into the other. Just like a knife and fork go together so does SEO and Social Media Marketing for your website and business. Not only is it necessary to talk to people, pass out business cards, have signage, etc. – basically to drive people to your website - you also need to let the search engines know your business has an online storefront / a website.

Blu Dove Designs has over a decade of experience building websites and getting them found online. We have been optimizing sites since we begain in 2004 because of the belief that it was pointless to build a site without also getting found.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO is like a puzzle. There isn’t one thing you do that magically makes your site appear at or near the top of search engines. We research your industry & competitors and employ the use of comprehensive keywords, meta-tags, well-written content, and links to your site along with other techniques we will discuss in more detail. We help you with your organic and paid advertising such as Google AdWords. The more traffic you are getting naturally, the more it helps boost your SEO.


Get me found!


Facebook Pages • Twitter Feeds • Pinterest • Instagram • and More

Another part of the puzzle is Social Media Marketing or some people call it Social Networking. It is essentially Word-of-Mouth marketing in a digital form. It is a powerful form of advertising to establish and maintain your brand. Social Networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest for example increase your opportunity for your business to be found and therefore grow at a quicker pace than if you were to limit your contacts to those in your geographical area. Furthermore, online digital ads such as Facebook Ads help reach your target audience when they are searching. Your customers are on social media, why not reach them first? Get in touch with you consumers and drive traffic to your site!


What we provide:

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from us in regards to search engine optimization of your site and social media marketing packages:

  • Teamwork - we collaborate with you
  • Thorough research on your competition
  • A review of your current visitor stats (if available) and feedback
  • A review of your current social media accounts and feedback
  • Development of an implementation plan that includes you
  • Transparency & security
  • Careful, methodical work
  • Helpful hints, tricks and advice along the way


Today, it is pointless to build and launch a website without Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You need you have your website found by the search engines to REACH & CONNECT your customers.


I want to connect with my customers!


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“When I met Lisa and Natalie at Blu Dove Designs, I realized I found the personal touch and
attention that I would need to accomplish my website goals. ” ~ Jonesville Animal Hospital